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We hear from many of our satisfied customers that they love to use the Ultimate Christmas Ornament Box because of the flexibility provided by our removable trays with adjustable dividers in varying depths, perfect for a variety of holiday collectibles. In addition the high-density acid free chipboard we use gives them comfort in knowing that their precious collectibles are well protected inside the sturdy, compartmentalized Christmas Ornament Storage box. 

The beautiful fabrics on the Ultimate Christmas Ornament Storage box allow for the box to be left out during the holidays as a decorative accessory to enhance the décor or your home. Most important, however, the fact that the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT STORAGE box is the only Acid Free archival quality decorative box on the market, making it suitable for archival storage of family heirlooms and collectibles.

Why do I need acid free?

In its natural state, trees, from which paperboard is produced, absorb numerous chemicals from the air and ground, and are therefore highly acidic by nature. Untreated paper pulp, made from wood pulp, is therefore acidic as well. The acid in untreated paperboard tends to leach the color out of objects which come in contact with it. We have experienced this color degradation in our old family photo albums with faded and yellow photos. Further more this inherent acid accelerates deterioration of the paper itself. We have all noticed old papers and boxes stored in our attics become brittle and have a tendency to fall apart. Our Christmas Ornament Storage boxes provide an ACID FREE environment.

How do I know if it's Acid Free? 

As indicated by the logo you see next to our pictures, the Archival Products Institute independently tests all of our board and certifies its acid free composition so that you are assured of getting the quality that you expect from the best collectible storage products money can buy.

Is acid the only concern I should have? 

Extreme temperatures and high humidity accelerate the destructive effect of acid on your collectibles. Temperatures above 80 and below 50 degrees represent potential hazards for the paint on many collectibles. The expansion and contraction of the paint on a daily basis in an attic for example, will tend to cause microscopic cracks in painted surfaces. These cracks weaken the bond with the paint and destroy the continuity of the surface allowing for penetration of harmful airborne chemicals in the environment, which can accelerate the aging of your collectibles. Furthermore, humidity above 60% represents a humid condition. The humid air carries numerous chemicals with it, which can deteriorate your collectibles. Some of the more common forms of moisture deterioration are rust, corrosion, mold and mildew.

We recommend you protect you collectibles from these harmful environmental elements by storing your ornaments in a climate controlled closet or room inside your home; refrain from storing them in the attic or basement.  We also recommend that you monitor humidity with a Humidity Indicator packet and that you use a dessicant inside your ornament storage box; both items can be found in the Archival Supplies section of this site.  

Are there any other products available to help me preserve my collectibles?

We offer archival accessories to supplement our Ornament Storage boxes, which will give you further control over the conditions in which your holiday ornaments and collectibles are stored. 

Our acid free shredded Art Pack will allow you to gently nest your collectibles in a soft acid free bed. This specially selected acid free bond paper provides enough support to keep your holiday ornaments cushioned from minor shock and abuse. By nesting the ornaments in the Art Pack they are beautifully displayed in their compartments just waiting for you to retrieve them for the next holiday; no more tedious unwrapping and sorting is required. We also offer Acid Free tissue if additional wrapping or cushioning is required.